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Sports Activities Therapeutic Massage - Why it is Essential for Your Own Body

Sports massagetherapy, additionally called curative massage, guide therapy, or manipulative therapy is just a non-invasive medical treatment used by physicians, physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, physiatrists, as well as other authorized healthcare specialists to take care of sinus discomfort…

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Using Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is an ancient form of massage therapy which uses heated stones placed on the skin to help relieve pain and stimulate the body. The stones are usually cold, depending on the person's needs. A hot rock massage uses a combination of hot and cold stones placed on specific pressure poin…

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Swedish Massage Therapy: Relaxation

Swedish massage has become one of the planet's most commonly supplied massage therapies. It is even known as an aged traditional massage. The technique attempts to excite relaxation by releasing muscle pain.

Swedish massage is much softer than deep tissue massage and even easier for people looking fo…

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The Best Way to Use Thai Massage For Backpain Reduction

Thai massage therapy is a ancient therapeutic treatment blending traditional Thai therapeutic massage, Indian Ayurvedic techniques, also implemented yoga postures. The theory of Shen-lines (aka energy-lines) was utilized as"Thai massage". All these really are similar to kundalini according to the ba…

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Benefits Of Biodynamic Massage Therapy

What is Biodynamic massage? According to Wikipedia,"The term biodynamic comes from the Greek words bi meaning life and sota that mean harmony". As the name suggests, it focuses on the synergistic, nurturing effect it has upon the human body via its unique composition and use of organic products. The…

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Shiatsu is a Japanese term that could loosely be translated into"finger pressure" or"massaging." It's a kind of Swedish massage that highlights the manipulation of the acupoints found in the fingers. It utilizes kneading, rubbing, stretching, tapping, and calming techniques and is generally done wit…

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